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About Us

Since 2015, we've been dedicated to deciphering the intricately woven scripts of our reality. Extra-Capsa stands as a beacon for those who intend to break free from the spells that ensnare consciousness, offering a optimistic sanctuary for the thinkers, the dreamers, and the seekers of truth.

More than fabric and thread, our garments serve as armour in this quest, a tapestry of mystery and knowledge infused with ancient wisdom and hidden truths. Our apparel is for those who dare to look beyond the veil of the everyday, designed for those who walk the path less trodden. Extra-Capsa is apparel for legends. 

Our eco-conscious materials honour the Creator and the abundant earth realm, while our designs celebrate the universe's enigmatic beauty. Adorn yourself with Extra-Capsa and sport the mantle of myths and mathemagic. Spread awareness in a world of NPCs, signaling to fellow truth-sleuths a shared mission of enlightenment.



Mindfulness & Mathemagic

Woven Into Every Fiber

Championing the eternal spirit of quality and intention, Extra-Capsa recognizes our role as deliberate co-creators of our reality, and we weave this responsibility into the fabric of our brand. Our garments are more than just attire; they are a canvas for expression, crafted to resonate with the mindful maverick who walks with intention and lives with purpose.

Each design is an invocation, a wearable affirmation of the good

we choose to manifest in our lives and our world. By choosing Extra-Capsa, you're choosing a path of awareness, embracing a

lifestyle where every choice,

every thread, counts in the

grand tapestry of existence.



Symmetry of the Sacred

Craft of the Cosmos


Extra-Capsa exists where the echoes of ancient wisdom meet the pulse of modern expression. Our designs are inspired by the sacred geometry that underpins the holographic tapestry of our abundant universe. We channel this to infuse each piece with meaning, transforming esoteric patterns and numerological codes into wearable manifestations of the cosmos.

Our commitment is to transcend ordinary fashion, offering not just clothing, but a key to unlock the visual and vibrational language of the universe. Each piece is a conversation with infinity, attentively produced to not only meet but exceed your highest expectations of quality and metaphysical elegance.



Decoding the Riddles

Crafting the Consciousness

Extra-Capsa is the banner under which we rally to break the spells that shroud our collective consciousness. We are pioneers on a collective journey to reclaim the power of our minds and the sanctity of our thoughts from the forces that seek to hijack them. You're wearing a badge of honour, a symbol of your dedication to seeking truth and challenging the status quo.


You're investing in our liberation. You're a part of a community that values the power of individual thought and the impact of living with conscious intention. Together, we’re not just thinking outside the box—we’re redefining it, creating a reality imbued with purpose, style,

and enlightened thought.

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